April 2021


Panel on supply chain risk management. 

December 2019

AI for Cybersecurity

Committee member for the workshop on the implications of artificial intelligence for cybersecurity. 

September 2019

AT&T Business Summit

Remarks on cybersecurity and incident response in the context of enterprise risk. 

August 2019

Cybersecurity and Boards

Article, by Chenxi Wang, covering Board representation for cybersecurity. 

May 2018

Senate Testimony

Testimony to the Senate Banking Committee on cybersecurity risks to the financial sector and its preparedness. 

June 2017

Cybersecurity Science

Committee member on the program for Foundations of Cybersecurity Science. 

February 2020

RSA Conference 2020

Keynote panel Rocked to the Core

November 2019

SIX Group 

Multiple sessions at the Swiss Stock Exchange's cybersecurity conference in Zurich. 

October 2019

HackerOne Keynote

Keynote for HackerOne's Security@ Conference in San Francisco.


April 2019

SINET Impact Award

Winner of the 2nd annual SINET impact award. 

March 2018

Defensible Cyberspace

Co-chair of task force that produced the highly regarded report on Building a Defensible Cyberspace. 


May 2010

Deterring Cyber Attacks

Participant and reviewer for the proceedings of a workshop on deterring cyber attacks. 

February 2020

Cloud Security Alliance

Providing the keynote for the Cloud Security Alliance event at RSA 2020. 

November 2019

Attackers & Budgets

Article on the importance of threat intelligence. Attackers have bosses and budgets too. 

September 2019

Wasserman Award

Winner of the Annual ISACA Wasserman Award for contributions to the industry. 

August 2018

Recent Patents

Recent patents on securities settlement crypto-currency and another one on synthetic security testing. 

October 2017

Critical Infra Award

This award recognizes financial services members who have made substantial contributions to the overall resilience of the industry. 

May 2010

RSA Award 2008

Winner of the 2008 ​RSA Conference Award for Excellence in the Field of Security Practices. 

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