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  • Phil Venables

Cloud Security

In a few of my posts I've talked about the economy of scale of the cloud is fundamentally changing the game of security. The pace of security enhancement and extent of security feature addition to products (secure products not security products) is accelerating. As an example, take a look at my recent Google Cloud CISO blog here, which represents just a subset of what has been released in the past month. The other cloud providers have, of course, similar progress. This massive, global-scale competition to keep increasing security in tandem with agility and productivity is a benefit to all.

As I hope you've noticed, I've tried to make this blog as independent from my day job (previous and current) as I can. So this is the only time I'll mention that other blog.

If you want to sign-up to that blog then you can here. It will only be to notify you when that blog is updated and maybe some other occasional relevant content (but nothing else).

Thank you for your time and readership.

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