• Phil Venables

Time Management

It never ceases to amaze me the opportunities and interesting work that stem from the multitude of connections that come from being relatively generous with one’s time and assistance over many years.

In some cases people you helped many years ago - when you didn’t have to - remember this and, even without being in contact in the interim, prove a tremendous source of interesting opportunities.

I’m ever more valuing the principle I’ve held to for a long time that while it’s in vogue to be ruthlessly focused on one’s goals at the exclusion of other things it is still important to help people along the way and be a generous colleague, boss, employee, industry peer etc. Clearly, you can’t say yes to everything and you have to be judicious in mainly helping people who have the right focus and intention - but that little bit extra generosity along the way is like a set of small investments of which a few pay out disproportionately.

In summary - focus and be goal directed, yes, but not at the exclusion of all. Help people where you can, contribute broadly and above all - don’t be an a**hole.

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